Therapy and Rehabilitation Clinic

Integrated Therapy Practice was founded on one principle:

Each patient is unique and, therefore, it is our clinician's responsibility to identify what the underlying cause is for your symptoms.

This approach will result in a highly individualized treatment plan and not in the often used "recipe" approach. Since its inception in 1998, Dr. Rob Sillevis, founder, has remained firm on his philosophy of direct patient care. This allows our therapy team to adjust your treatment plan when necessary, fitting your individual needs.

As part of our commitment to your care, you will be given the utmost attention and be educated on the underlying issues leading to your condition. Your treatment will be explained every step of the way. In order to maximize the changes that are made during your treatment at our facility, you will be given a home exercise program. You will be advised on how to make changes in your overall functioning so that your condition will not reoccur.